Day 17 of TAM

I am on Week 3 of the Tracy Anderson Method (TAM)- Metamorphosis Omnicentric. 
I'm over the halfway point of my goal of 30 days!

Here are some updates on the 3 elements of the TAM:

Dance Cardio DVD: No real updates for this. I finally ordered these shoes. Hopefully they will help with some of the knee joint pain I've been experiencing.

Transform DVD: Part 2 (Days 11-20) of the DVD is pretty fast paced. I really like the new arm and ab sequence. The plank leg sequence at the end is killer though.

Food Plan: This is another "Nutrient Boost" week. I am eating 9 mini-meals a day. I feel like I'm constantly eating. The good news is that I'm never hungry and I get to eat the Chocolate pudding again. The bad news is that the food is labor intensive. I've been cooking in bulk to help alleviate that. Our fridge looks like a tupperware and pyrex war zone. lol

The hubby said he can already see a difference - Yay! What's your Summer work out plan?


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