2011 Goals & Resolutions


  1. Find balance
My first goal is to find peace through balance in all aspects of my life. This includes not feeling guilty when I need to say "No". Learning to "let it go" so I don't agonize over disappointing someone else. Stop over-extending myself but make time for the things I enjoy most. I think weekly yoga sessions will help with this. Clearing the mind and deep breathing. Brings the word balance to a whole other level.

  1. Be a better wife, daughter, sister, and friend
There is always room for improvement in these departments. Make time to show more appreciation to my wonderful support system. More phone calls, dinner plans, and general quality time. "Lets make a memory!" Wedding Crashers

  1. Eat well and work out consistently
This is pretty standard issue for resolutions. Remember that food is fuel. Find a work out routine that is fun. Less everything bagels and chips. More water and veggies. Eat to Live instead of Live to Eat.

  1. Read more books
I receive so many good book recommendations through friends and my “To Read” list continues to grow with very few books ever getting read. It’s time to break out my library card and rediscover my love of the printed word. Plus I watch way too much trash TV. I need to be more cut-throat with how I spend my time.

  1. Progress in my career
Step out of my comfort zone and continue to grow and learn so that I do not become stagnant and trapped in a job that I'm not passionate about. A pay raise would be pretty sweet too. Just saying...

  1. Move to Baltimore
We are planning to move to Bmore in May of this year. Our hope is to be settled in an apartment before Hubby begins law school in the Fall. Fingers crossed for an easy packing, moving and unpacking experience! Lots of related adventures to ensue. 

  1. Decorate our new place
I have been getting into interior design over the last few months through various blogs and magazines. They have inspired me to give our home more style and sophistication. I want to simplify and organize just about everything. The plan is to search out good deals but not sacrifice good quality. 

  1. Take more pictures
I never have recent pictures of myself or any real documentation of our life. Can't have my future kids hating me for never having any pictures of them growing up. I need to get into the habit of taking pictures now. One way of achieving this goal is through the Two Ginger Snaps blog I started with my friend and "Little," Emma. I hope that I will improve my photography skills in the process and maybe even enroll in a photography class after I save up for my dream camera

  1. Think positive
All too often I get caught up in negative thinking. A "Debbie Downer" if you will or a "Negative Nancy" would be accurate descriptions as of late. 2010 was a bit of a rough year for me. I need to get back to my optimistic roots. Everything happens for a reason. Find those silver linings. 

  1. Have monthly date nights with Hubby
Who doesn’t love a little romance and an excuse to dress up?

  1. Save Money
Slightly paradoxical after the monthly date night and decorating goals but still a goal nonetheless. Have fun but be reasonable. Stick to the family budget. This will help with all of life’s wants and needs.  It doesn’t hurt for the unexpected either. 

  1. Last but not least: Work on my blog.
This, being my first post, is an excellent start. Now lets just keep it going on a regular basis...