Friday Favorite Quote

 "The brave men did not kill dragons. The brave men rode them."
Viserys Targaryen in Game of Thrones

I am so excited for the Season 2 Premier of Game of Thrones this Sunday!  
Will you be watching? Here's a Season 1 refresher if you need it!


Hunger Games Name Generator

How cool is this? My name is Theta Vipointe. What's yours?
So excited the movie is finally out!

P.S. I finally saw the movie and I loved it! The book is better but it was really really good. Definitely worth seeing in theatres. I can't wait for the next movie to come out!

Book Review: The Paris Wife

I just finished reading The Paris Wife: A Novel by Paula McLain for the Baltimore book club I'm in. I think I particularly enjoyed it because I just saw the Midnight in Paris movie and the Hubby and I went to Key West last summer and visited Hemingway's home there. Our tour guide was absolutely fantastic so you should check it out the next time you go. I really loved Key West and can't wait to go back!

Back to the book- I really like how the author describes the time period. I am just fascinated by all of the brilliant artists living in Paris at the same time and how their paths crossed. The book has made me want to read Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises and A Moveable Feast and some books by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Maybe now that I'm older I can appreciate the classics. I've been building my "to read" list on Goodreads. What great books have you read lately?

P.S. I will be adding pictures from our Hemingway Home tour later.


Everyone Is Irish Today!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Cheers!

May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.
An Irish Blessing

P.S. How cool would it be to go to this?!? I've never been to Chicago and want to go so badly!

My top 5 places I want to go in the U.S. are:
1. Hawaii
2. Chicago
3. Martha's Vineyard
4. Hilton Head
5. Texas

What are your top 5?


Friday Favorite Quote

"My sheets are monogrammed, so is my silverware and pretty much everything else I own. My rule is, if it isn't moving monogram it."
 Reese Witherspoon

*I originally saw this quote on Maryland Pink and Green, which is a fabulous blog if you haven't checked it out yet.


Link Love

pic source is me

Join ShoeDazzle! All styles are $39.50 with free shipping both ways.

Funny Bracket. This one is too.

I laughed so hard I was crying on the MARC train and people were staring. Totally worth it.

What's your favorite, dear?

Smell like Maine.

Say Cheese! Or, make it?

Nobody likes squished bananas...

Can. Not. Wait. to go here in May.

I want to get one of these belts for the Hubby. Or maybe I'll make one and start with this. Baby steps.

Mmmm Cookies. I want to bake these!

This is my kind of wishlist!

Modern Charm School?

A Note on Falling in Love.

More Mac & Cheese, please!


A Steal of a Deal at Stebbins

I can always find what I need at Stebbins Anderson. Whether it's a gift, kitchen and home accessories, house paint, Lilly Pulitzer items, or anything crabby and Maryland- Stebbins is the place to find what you are looking for! There is a great deal on Living Social today. Pay $15 for a $30 voucher to spend on Home Accessories, Hardware, and More! That's 50% off! Get the deal here! It's perfect for your next DIY project or for that accent piece you've been lusting over! Happy Shopping!

*Make sure you read the conditions.

Hilarious Slash True

10 days to go! Yes- I'm counting.


Friday Favorite Quote

The Master

When we first moved to Baltimore last April (almost at the one year mark!) we focused on getting furniture for our entertaining spaces... i.e. our living room and dining room. The places our friends and family would see the most. Our bedroom took the back burner and the mix and match furniture stayed. In addition to that, it has also become a catch-all for everything that doesn't fit in our closets and storage locker. All the clutter stresses me out and nobody wants a bedroom that causes stress. Our bedroom is my least favorite part of our apartment tour. I really want to reorganize everything and get it looking nice and inviting. Right now we have a mix of my childhood dresser and bedside table (cherry wood) and an IKEA dresser (birch) with hand-me-down bedside table (stained oak) which comes to three very different wood tones. Womp Womp.

You can kinda see the mix and match bedside tables on each side of this picture. We purchased the iron bed frame from Value City Furniture when we lived in Annapolis because we figured it would go with whatever wood tone furniture we ended up with. Plus I think it was on sale for $100.  The bed frame will do for now but I'm dying for a fabric headboard like this. Priorities people. We eventually want to upgrade to a king size bed since we didn't anticipate the bed hogging of our fur baby, Bleu, when we bought a queen size tempur pedic mattress (pre-Doggie adoption). But that's not in the cards until we move to our next place and make sure that our master will have enough room to fit a king size bed. So that can definitely wait. The bedside tables don't have to coordinate perfectly with our current bed frame but I don't want them to clash either.

On a smaller upgrade note, if you noticed in the picture we did not have matching bedside lamps. Recently, I bought the above lamps from Homegoods, which I love (the lamps and Homegoods). The additional lighting makes such a difference in our bedroom! Wasn't I talking about bedside tables? Oh, right...

What I'd really like to find are matching campaign side tables like these from Pottery Barn. They are way out of our price range ($299 each) but I figure I will just keep my eye open at all of my favorite discount stores and local consignment shops for something similar. Storage is important to me. I love Bombay chests but they aren't in our price range even with this option and I don't think it will look right with our bed frame. I found some good options at World Market but each of them has something I'm not crazy about.

This campaign end table isn't the rich wood tone I'm looking for and the storage is non-existent. I even found some non campaign options that I like.

I love the libraryness of the Preston 5 drawer table and the storage but it looks more like a fun accent piece more than something you want two of. Plus I'm not digging the color...

I like the Dark Mahogany Chase Nightstand but I'm not a fan of the glued on wood drawer pull. It's a classic shape- not campaign but there is room to stack books on the bottom shelf and one drawer. I like that it's marked down to $99 each. I would definitely need to see it in person. I wish the closest World Market wasn't all the way in Rockville, MD. I think I'll keep looking. I bet I can find something with more character in some of the local consignment shops. I'd love to get matching his and hers dressers too but that's just not in the budget yet. Plus I don't know if I should just wait and get a set (bed frame and two dressers) if and when we upgrade to a king size bed. I will keep you posted on what we end up doing. Also, a post on bedroom fabrics and linens will be coming soon. In the meantime, Happy hunting! 

P.S. Have you found any awesome furniture finds in consignment stores near you?


Are You A Country Club Prep?

Country Club Prep is the newest online shopping destination that you can use to keep living the preppy dream. "All preppy clothing. All the time." The site officially launches on March 15th with 17 of the nation's most popular preppy designers. You can sign up here to become a member by March 15th and receive free shipping and returns for life as your first membership reward! Plus if you refer 10 friends, you get 10% off your first order! I'll be counting down the days for this new site!

A big thanks to Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore for the heads up in her post here.  What future preppy brands would you like to see on the site?


Link Love

Discounts on Kate Spade and more?!?! Tomorrow is the BWS!

Future baby shower gift idea?

Yum! I need to try this recipe!

So fine and lined! Hello, lovely curtains, you would be perfect for my master bedroom.

Pretty builder's bathroom vanity upgrade.

A new addition for brunching.

Can. Not. Wait. for this and this.

Will you join The Challenge?

Look at the legs on her!

Baubles and all things sparkly...

Join Country Club Prep here.

Do you Yurt? How cool is that?!? It's the happy medium I've been looking for!

This hit home. Are you too busy?


Some Link Love

Keeping the Spark alive.

Maine view.

I have all the ingredients for this recipe on hand...

I wouldn't mind living here either. Now I really want to make gallery wall with old pictures.

I'm going to Target this weekend for these lovelies.

I need one of these with the Hubby and Bleu, stat.

Love them! hehe

For all things pretty and purchaseable.

My latest obsession...

I love the new hit show Smash! It's on Mondays at 10pm on NBC after The Voice. Katherine McPhee is amazing. If you haven't watched this show yet... it's only 4 episodes in and they are all online here. You won't regret it. I was hooked by the end of episode 2. I actually look forward to Mondays now.

P.S. I am Team Iowa. What are you?