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HOLY DISCOUNT! You can still register for the Junior League of Baltimore Commit to Fit 5K this Sunday! Register here and take advantage of the discount! Or show up and pay $30 for day of registration.

Feeling inspired by this sea glass.

One of the most beautiful weddings I've ever seen.

Nautical pumpkin inspiration.

Great post about sweeteners.

I want some of these to liven up our living room. I can't seem to keep any real plants alive... I even managed to kill an aloe plant. Who does that?!?

These would make a beautiful fall tablescape.

Thank you to DreamsAshore for introducing me to this awesome preptastic site.

Is white really okay after labor day?

Love this sentimental idea.

Glam Grab Giveaway!

Please pass the maple syrup! Another great giveaway!

Pumpkin recipes make me happy :-)



  1. I have never had much luck with indoor plants, outside of my little cactus that has survived from the sorority house believe it or not!

    In my book white is so NOT okay after Labor Day! Some rules are in place for a reason!

    1. Agreed. I just wish MD weather cooperated so I had a few more days to wear my white jeans before labor day.


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