NYC Weekend

I was in New York this past weekend visiting one of my best friends from college. We had a great time walking the city and catching up. Have you been to or heard about the High Line yet? It's an industrial rail road coverted into a board walk/city park. The High Line was originally constructed in the 1930s, to lift dangerous freight trains off Manhattan's streets. Section 1 opened in June 2009 and Section 2 opened in June 2011. When all sections are complete, the High Line will be a mile-and-a-half-long elevated park, running through the West Side neighborhoods of the Meatpacking District, West Chelsea and Clinton/Hell's Kitchen. The Summer hours are 7am to 11pm and the views are spectacular. We walked Section 2 and I enjoyed every minute of it. You could see the Hudson River on one side and the streets of New York on the other.

The High Line ends on 30th street and underneath it is a nouveau beer garden with food trucks and a bar called, "The Lot" with rows and rows of picnic tables on the pavement. "The Lot" may only be open for the 2011 Summer season so make sure you check it out if you are in the area. Unfortunately, the line was too long to get in when we were there but I definitely want to go back if I can. I love this idea and I'm wondering if we could do something similar in Baltimore. The city of Paris successfully converted a similar rail viaduct into an elevated park called the Promenade Plantée, which was the inspiration for this park. Projects similar to the High Line are in early stages in St. Louis, Philadelphia, Jersey City, Chicago, and Rotterdam. Do we have any unused railroads in or near Baltimore city? I'm all about more green and public parks.

Thanks for the great visit A! Can't wait to do it again soon!

*I'll add some of my personal pictures once I get a chance to upload them.

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