Fill in the Blank

A thank you to Lovely Little Things for showing me Lauren's blog. I'm a little late in the game on getting this out but join us anyway and Fill in the Blank with the little things we do!

1. The phrase or punctuation I overuse the most is... Seriously!?
2. Today I am thankful for...my husband and friendships.
3. My best friend is...the hubby and the wonderful women that made up our bridal party.
4. A quirky thing about me is...I won't eat cucumbers or any bell peppers. I'll actually tell a restaurant I'm allergic to them to ensure I won't get them hidden in my meal.
5. This weekend I...am going to see Wicked! Among other fun adventures. :-)
6. Something that worries me is...that I won't get enough fun quality time with the Hubby while he is in law school.
7. On my night stand you will find...a stack of magazines/books, my iPhone charging, chapstick, and a glass of water on a coaster.

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