Lilly Pulitzer = My Achilles Heel

Have I mentioned before my extreme love for all things Lilly Pulitzer? I'm pretty much obsessed. I love all the fun colors and patterns. It keeps life from getting too boring and it always makes me smile. Here are some Lilly items I am currently lusting over...


The Betsey Dress Jacquard in Shorely Blue or True Navy. I'm a sucker for strapless dresses in the summer and I love the embroidery on this one.

The Eryn Dress Embroidered in Shorely Blue is so pretty! I tried it on at the Pink Crab but it was the wrong size and the last one. Bummer!

I also love the Eryn Dress Stripe in Bright Navy Wrapping Stripe. I wanted this dress when it originally came out in yellow. I love the navy version too which I think would work better with my pale complexion. I may even like it better. Pretty much any Eryn dress would be amazing. It's a really flattering cut.

The Essie Shirtdress in Indigo Blue is perfect for a casual date. It can definitely be dressed up or down.

The Adelson Shift Jacquard in Classic White. It used to come in True Navy too, which I loved but never found it in my size. I'm a sucker for gold embroidery...


Walsh short in Classic White Spin the Bottle. Definitely going to need this for going to Terps games! I wouldn't mind the dress either. It might be too pink and not red enough though.

Callahan Short in Hotty Pink Fallin In Love A Little. Gotta love the anchor detailing.
*Update* Bought the Clare Dress Silk Jersey in this print.


Roslyn Skirt in Hotty Pink Skinny Dippin Mini. Would looove to see a Men's tie to match!
*Update* Bought this skirt on Sale in Key West!


Shell Shocked Clutch in Classic White First Impression. I just think this clutch would go with any and everything.
*Update* Bought this clutch online during Lilly's End of Summer Sale!

 iPhone 4 cover in Hotty Pink Bloomers. Pink and Green is my favorite color combo!
*Update* Bought this at the Monogram Shop in Roland Park.

Just a Little Knotty Wedge in Natural is a great nautical twist on a classic wedge. Perfect for summer.

The McKim Wedge in Gold. I don't have gold wedges. This needs to be rectified.  

Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Murfee Scarf. Great cause and beautiful scarf.

The National Aquarium 30th Anniversary Murfee Scarf would be perfect for this Bmore girl!

Land Escape Murfee Scarf. Love the color combo. I picture it with a simple white or navy tee. 

The Stuffed Shells Printed Van Dessel Cruiser would be so fun to, well, cruise on. I saw it in real life at the Monogram Shop. It's not realistic for anything other than cruising on flat terrain but I dream of having it at our future beach house.

I also really want a Lilly iPad case but they haven't made one in a print I like yet. Fingers crossed they expand their "technology" section! Yes, I realize this is an expensive and unrealistic addiction/love affair with all things Lilly Pulitzer but it just makes me happy.

Cheers to Life, Lilly, and the Pursuit of Happiness!

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