I heart Ceramic Garden Stools

I have wanted a ceramic garden stool to put lovingly place in our living room and/or deck for a while now. Cute garden stools keep popping up in catalogues and interior design magazines and I can't get enough. I think they are a fun way to add texture and color to any room. So I did some research, Copy Cat Chic style, and found different color options and price points. Here is what I found...

The above "Bongo Ceramic Garden Stool" is from Fine Garden Products.
It is available in the following colors: Pale Rose, Misty Blue, Persimmon, Chartreuse Crackle, Celadon Crackle, Black or Taupe. The Bongo stool retails for $347.00 each (aka not even close to my budget). While they are very pretty (especially the crackle ones), my search continued.

The next option I found was the "Garden Seat" from Ballard Designs (I heart Ballard Designs btw). It is available in Lime or Glazed White Ceramic. The retail price is $139.00 each. The price is pretty reasonable but I was hoping to find an even better deal.

Then I looked on Wisteria. They sell a "Chinese Garden Stool" in Light Blue, Light Green, White, Silver and Gold for $129.00 each. I really love the light blue and think it would go well with our decor. The light blue might be a better ease into the "pop of color" mentality.

Then I decided to check out the new arrivals at World Market. The "Lotus Stool" is available in Apple Green with a retail price of $69.99 each! The cheapest most cost effective garden stool I have found and definitely a contender!

I always like to check out Overstock when I'm looking for home goods online. You can find a lot of pottery barn inspired options at a much more affordable price. I found some garden stools in the $70-140 range. This off-white porcelain stool has a retail price of $76.99. That's only a $7 difference from the World Market find with the added neutral color perk.

Overstock also has this white porcelain stool for $83.99.  The lattice pattern is really fun and modern yet it stays safely in the neutral color zone.

I can't decide if I want to go the safe route and have a white or off-white garden stool that can transition into any room or color scheme in the future. Or if I should go with the fun pop of color like the Apple Green or the Light Blue, which is goes well with the beige/white/brown neutrals and blue/green color scheme I am going for in our living room.  Decisions...decisions...

For more Garden stool eye candy, check out Instyle Decor.


  1. Today at "beyond the Rack, 54.99, the one u found at Overstock! Hurry, they go fast!

    1. Thanks Beth! I ended up finding a garden stool at HomeGoods! :-)


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